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When I think of a place that matters to me I think of Greece. Almost every summer I go to Greece in order to visit my friends who I don’t see for a very long time. Every time I visit we go to the beach and enjoy the beautiful bright blue ocean with the sounds of the waves going back and fourth on the shore. Staying in Greece for at least two months makes me extreamely happy every single day until I have to go back to New York when then I feel miserable when that day arrives. My grandparents were also born in Greece and they have their own house on the island that i’m from which is Kalamos and I visit it them as well.


While I was in High School I procrastinated quite a lot. I will always do my homework the night before and sometimes I will never get it done at all. I will also study for tests the last possible second as well. Each time I procrastinated it was due to the fact that I was extreamly lazy. It will also constantly result in a horrific grade. So I completely agree with what the author is saying in her story. I also promised myself that I will not procrastinate in college at all. If I do procrastinate there will be huge consequences throughout college.  There will also be consequences after college as well which will be horrible.


I chose this picture because throughout my entire life I always rooted for this team even through the ups and the downs that happen every year.