What I’ll always remember about this year are the many lives lost from Corona Virus, the people that banded together for the Black Lives Matter movement and the various shutdowns all over the world around the same time for everything from stores to restaurants.

The truth is I spent most of my year inside either playing video games with some of my friends to watching anime by myself, as well as talking to my siblings and parents most of the day.

Some of the images that will stay with me during this year are the many people with masks on the street distancing themselves from one another and the various race empowerment movement posters that are posted online.

Some of the songs that stay with me during this year are the ones that give me hope that things will get better in the long run, I cannot give the names of these songs because there are so many of them.

Some of the things I’ve celebrated despite everything being shutdown during this lockdown is my birthday as well as all of my families birthdays, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

The news showed proof that nice things can happen even in these hard times in lockdown, even while there are injustices and unfairness in this world people can still band together for a common goal as well as be nice to one another in the long run.

Its okay for people to laugh in the hard times because without it then we cannot pursuit our happiness when we cannot find the little happy moments in our lives that can make us feel better even for a little bit.

What I would most likely write about for this unit is what people have been doing in this lockdown to cope despite not being able to go outside and have fun with those they love.