1. What I’ll always remember about this year is how far I came from exercising and having the body I wanted for a while and I feel that this year definitely motivated me the most. compared to the rest.
  2. the truth is, I spent most of this year at the gym and playing video games and I could say that it was beneficial and not in a way.
  3. Some images that will stay with me are the pandemic and the things that happened I feel that it was a horrible thing and I cant keep it off my mind.
  4. Some songs that mattered to me the most this year are motivational songs because I would be at the gym for a long period of time so these songs were good for me
  5. Some things I celebrated was my brother birthday in spite of many people passing due to the pandemic
  6. Things that had impact on racial justice was the black lives matter movement.
  7. I would say it is okay to laugh it out sometimes to let certain emotions out

Some things I feel that I’m going to write about is the Covid-19 virus and how the pandemic has affected my life and how I’m still affected by it till today.