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Proposal – James Morrison

My issue is with the negative impact that social media has on it’s users. I want to know why people on social media reinforce negative stereotypes and unrealistic expectations of one another. I also want to know how we can reduce these negative expectations from continuing. I think I’m the perfect person to write about this because I have been on social media for several years and have not only seen other people fall victim to its negative impact but have also let it influence my mentality as well. This is important to me and the people I know because social media is so prevalent in the lives of young adults and teenagers and can deteriorate the self worth that many people have. My target audience are young adults and teenagers. I want them to read this because many young adults are steered by the expectations and things that they see on social media. I believe that teenagers and young adults are the most vulnerable to the negative effects that social media can have on its users. This is because most social media influencers and popular blogs target a younger audience when they post. If I could publish this article anywhere I would publish it in a magazine geared towards younger people such as Teen Vogue. I would advertise my article on multiple social media platforms that way my target audience has a higher chance of reading it. Sources that could convince my target audience are popular social media influencers who have experienced negative stereotypes on social media before. I can interview friends about their experiences on social media and how they have been influenced in a negative way by it. Statistics can also be used to show how much time young adults spend on social media and how it influenced their mindset.Β 

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Obviously great. I just commented in class about it. The challenge is how to use social media to critique social media. Very meta, as we say :-). But excellent focus on this.

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