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Problems-Azaria Clouden

I wish I can say that we live in a perfect world. However it is clear that there are many problems the world is currently facing preventing a perfect world. I believe one of the most biggest issues in the world is how close minded people are. Close minded when it comes to race, sexuality, abortion, religion and many other subjects. The two main problem is that I would like to talk about today are Race and Sexuality. in my eyes one issue is in greater than the other but I feel stronger about the issues of race because I have been affected by it. I will never understand why the Color of someone’s skin matters so much to certain people. At the end of the day we are all human and deserve to be treated equally with respect. It boggles my mind when people don’t realize that white privilege exists. It boggles my mind when people don’t realize that African-Americans are treated differently then white people. I don’t want to limit only African-Americans to not being treated equally because there are many other races that deal with racism and hardships because of the color of their skin. However, I would love to share a story about how the color of my skin affects my family. My mother is Italian and my father is St. Lucian meaning I am half black and half white. Growing up I was always told that my mothers father “my grandfather” moved to Italy and abandoned my mother and her family. Once I was 13 my mother had a talk with my twin sister and I and told us that that was a lie. It turns out my grandfather was living with my grandmother in Staten Island this whole time. The reason why I never met my grandfather is because he disowned my mother when he found out she married a black man. He wanted nothing to do with my father and once my twin sister and I were born that didn’t change anything. There’s way more to the story that I would love to talk about in my unit to project. I feel so deeply about the topic of race because I know what it’s like to not feel accepted because of the color of my skin. I would love if one day in the world everyone could except everyone no matter their sex, race, sexuality, religion. I will do anything I can to help speed along that process.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This could make a great personal-story driven article that combines a bit of research about race (maybe racial profiling?) and your own background.

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