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Female genital mutilations or FGM is a topic that not many people are aware of, it comes as a shock to many people leaving people with many unanswered questions. Female genital mutilation refers to the traumatic procedure that are classified into four major types that involved the partial or the total removal of the female genitalia for cultural purposes, depending on how severe the mutilation there can be short and long term ramification results. Young girls are forced to have this procedure done and not only are they losing their rights to sexual pleasure but their rights are sliced, punctured and burnt away. FGM is performed in many countries in West Africa , Asia and the Middle East this procedure assures that a girl can stay abstinent from sex and stay a virgin till marriage. Although this issue has been kept private for as long as possible many organizations are now reaching out to communities to educate them on how harmful this is, FGM surviviors are also spreading the awareness. I want to change the minds of people that support female genital mutilation because this procedure has no health beneifit is very harmful and is a violation of the human rights of girls and women, it is important to address this issue now so these young girls know that this is something that is not okay removing your genitalia does not symbolize your femenity. 

Forced marriages is another topic I believe should have more awareness, forced marriage is a marriage where the individual does not have the option to refuse a marriage that is initiated by their parent or guardian. Girls all around the world are forced into marriages for many reasons such as poverty, this is a problem because these girls parents marry their daughter off to a man who is financially stable so they can benefit from their wealth as well, however, these parents are only thinking about themselves not their child. Victims of forced marriage often experience abuse which can lead to mental health problems. 


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    These are both really interesting and could make fascinating articles. It will be interesting to see how you slant/focus your article for a specific audience. But these are good.

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