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Names -Adersh REJI

Hello, My name is, being an immigrant and coming to this country at the age of 9 was an extremely challenging part of my life. I went from having all the friends I could ever have and great family and love everywhere to being alone, and scared to look up at people because I had no idea what language they were speaking. I was bullied from 4th grade till 7th grade and it was a tough thing to deal with because I had no way of asking anyone for help and was always scared to do so. Saying both the Article and Video is relatable would be an understatement. Having an immigrant name makes me understand every single word in both of the works in a special way. You might be wondering why I chose that image to write about, Well that’s because that was one of the biggest things I was afraid to say to people. Being originally from South India I was always made fun of because of my name and religion. Even though I’m Christian I was stereotyped cause I didn’t have a normal name and I didn’t look like everyone else. I learned to accept what all those people thought and hated my name and yelled at my parents everyday after school for giving me such a terrible name. I wanted to just fit in so badly that I cried to my parents to change my name to something normal to these people like Mike, or Jack. And what changed my thinking was when my Father told me the meaning of my name from the Bible. He told me the meaning of my name was “Admirable”. Since then I had a new outlook on life and strived to always standout and make people see me as someone they would want to be like rather than me trying to be like them. I would never follow a crowd but instead tried to be a leader weather it was becoming the captain of the basketball team and always going to church and having God in my life. Looking back I am extremely happy for all the experiences I had as a child and I wouldn’t change a thing if I had a chance to because I am happy for the person I have become and am proud of myself for being a caring and helping individual that younger kids look up to. So now I can happily answer that image on the top.

Hello, My Name Is Adersh Reji.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    That is a terrific story! I did wonder about the picture at the top, and the story you tell really explains it. That’s a great connection. Bullies are just the worst, and I’m so glad you were able to get past it and come to embrace your name. I have a feeling you’re going to do a lot of wonderful things because of your wonderful attitude and mindset. Thank you for sharing that…

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