Jacquelyn Blain

Project Proposal

What I intend to teach my audience is that I wanted to educate them on what vaccines are and the importance of them. I want to educate them on what will be the positive outcome if we do get vaccinated. So i am intending on reaching a audience that is not yet vaccinated. Also those who want to know more about the vaccine. I plan to write do this in a Informative/Explanatory genre. I plan to make a Tiktok because i feel like know a days that’s the best way to get to someone because everyone is on tiktok. I plan to make it interesting so that people don’t just scroll and be like oh another one of these videos. I have to find a way that will catch the eyes of people so it would have to be done during the very beginning of the video. That is the thing i am probably most worried about is that it wont be interesting and people wont want to watch it.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This is a really good idea! TikTok is certainly the social media of choice these days, so going in that direction is smart. The challenge with a TikTok, of course, is that it’s so short. So you’re going to have to be very organized and pointed about what you’re saying — it’s a great challenge!

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