I will never forget my first day of school because I was so confused. I went to school and there were airplanes everywhere ( keep in mind I didn’t know anything about the school and had never been there before). I went to my first period class and got my schedule and saw that I had a class called “shop” in my schedule for two periods. I went to the class and my teacher Mr. Persaud started explaining everything to all of us in the class. He told us that this school licenses students to be airplane mechanics and that we will have classes where we will learn about all the components on the aircraft. At that time I was so mad because I just wanted to go to a normal high school and just do normal things. For the first three months of high school all i thought about was transferring high schools to my zone high school. This is a decision I am so happy I didn’t make.

    After 1 year at my aviation high school I realized that I actually liked what I was doing and was actually pretty good at it. But I was still skeptical of what the point of all this was. Was it ever gonna be useful in my life. Then I had Mr. Cobillios s as my first rotation teacher sophomore year of high school. He was the motivating factor for me to pursue aviation maintenance as a career. He worked in the airport and as a teacher at the same time. He told us all the benefits of working as an airplane mechanic such as flight benefits, learning to use your hand and the trade we learn we could use in almost all aspects of life. Flight benefits really opened my eyes because he would show us pictures of places he would go on the weekends. For example, he went to germany first class for free just to watch a soccer game and came back to school on monday. He also told us that the things we learn we don’t have to just use on airplanes, it applies to our houses and cars etc.