So I was on an IEP, and that was additional support for schools or two teachers, and I had speech as part of it, and it was the worst. The speech was basically extra help speaking and writing because I had a big tongue and no one could understand me and it was difficult, and then I got it cut off or something like that in elementary school, like 1st grade or something. As a result, the elementary school was extremely annoying in suggesting that I join the program. And that was the worst mistake I’d made in school; I’m referring to my speech. For speech, they would take me out of a class either the first 20 minutes of class or the last 20 minutes just to read but sometimes, very few times the speech teachers play board games with other students in speech and they were let’s say not the most behave students or they actually needed help and I think it was two students out of ten. It was 2-4 each time when there was the speech section I knew that because I would see it in the schedule.

Middle school was probably the best ever better than high school and elementary school. It was a rough start because in 6th grade the first day, I was alone and my friend were all in one class, in that class half of it was my friends and there were about 30 or more students. They said they organize classes to the same elementary school but expect me and to this day I am still not social or I think I have social anxiety but it was the first time I was alone in school and it was the worst feeling wanting school to end instantly. I wasn’t really motivated and I felt like a zombie with shoe shoes(not cleats indoor shoes) very thin glasses with a basic blue shirt and Adidas pants dead and not knowing what going on and it was very obvious everyone in the classroom knew but somehow the teachers didn’t but at the same time, they were pretty old. After a week it changed when a soccer tournament started it wasn’t for the school team but a local futsal court it is indoor soccer in a basketball court and no it’s usually an American thing to do when they own different sports in a basketball court. It changed because I felt less stressed out and more relaxed not doing big writing assessments often and not dealing with teachers that wouldn’t make us creative.