The sun is blazing super hot without any feeling of air,I had just gotten off a 9 hour shift of work and I felt like I needed to embody my own peace and my own self for just a little bit. Today at work I had to deal with such inconsiderate rude customers. It stresses me out sometimes and even angers me a bit that someone can have such aggressive behavior with a complete stranger. I felt like I needed to just embrace myself for the longest at that point so after that shift I said why not today. I headed back home to get ready to go back out again otherwise I would have entered the park smelling like Mc donalds. Finally arriving at the park I decided to take a long walk to just enjoy the views and also to see the beauty of the place I’m currently at. In order to get the best spot at the park you had to cross this bridge that was surrounded by water. At that moment I knew I had a lot of traits and negative  thoughts in my mind but I promised myself that by the end of the bridge and once I crossed it I would let all of those thoughts and feelings and habits go. Now that’s not as easy as it sounds, trust me,  sometimes people don’t like to acknowledge their own thoughts and their own negative influences. I decided to sit at the end of the bridge and fully commit myself to change and once I crossed this over I can never turn back. I could have some hiccups but never turn back. After about another 20 minutes I decided to cross the bridge and to sit on the bench, and there was a homeless man to the left of me and bushes to the right. I was just sitting enjoying my own self being and just accepting who I was, the journey I would have to take to elevate myself in all the aspects that I wanted too. I just randomly felt inspired by the homeless man next to me. He had a smile on his face and seemed happy with life, though I had a roof over my head, food every day, and lived worry free and I was so negative and uncontent in my life. This experience really made me question myself and my actions and how ungrateful I was with life. 

So I decided to start a conversation… now i was taught stranger danger but this homeless man didn’t give off any iffy or weird vibes i first started off by saying “hello” he than reed back saying “ Hi young lady” i wanted to be blunt and get the questioning out the way so i was very straight up “ How are you so happy being homeless that seem slike  stressful time and just something no one should enjoy” he was chuckinling he stated i had an interesting thought process bu uw anst wrong he said she doesnt love it but he doest hate it either.. He was stating how he meets all kinds of people and gets to see how humans interact, and how he feels one with nature and just the earth.. He said life won’t always be beautiful. Life can be really shitty, excuse my language trying to keep this as raw and real as possible… but he said it what you make out of it bad stuff happen to people everyday and you may not feel like you deserve any of it but it happens… but he said you wake up another day and life that day and enjoy that day because tomorrow isn’t promised… he stated that he realized that after seeing so many different people that the world revolves around nothing but it own planet so how big and horrible can your problems be when the earth is still orbiting in space and we are tiny little fragments on this big old rock…. I simply told him I disagreed because some people go through really bad things and it seems like there is no escape from you or they get into really bad situations and they have to struggle. He nodded his head and he said that was understandable but just because there’s no outlook now or something to look forward to that doesn’t mean there isn’t any good outcome or a light at the end of the tunnel.