Jacquelyn Blain

life with education

if we want to succeed in life, education is the form of an ingredient to create a intellectual person of success to work through hardships and a dedicated mind to ultimately become the force of nature with a competitive world. Education starts within a young Childs mind to get the credible information they need to grow as a human. with this, throughout their life they will be able to obtain the necessary tools for their needs for start their growth and knowledge of education from pre-k to elementary school to middle school to high school and to college. Education is like a tool like water. Water is precious, it is a need for our survival for how to harness that water that creates energy. Educations is a must need for the survival for a individual to learn new things of how to use education as a way to harness the knowledge of survival.

what is education, what do we truly want. An education the relies on self importance or an education the promotes self awareness of thinking that helps face challenges of critical thinking. I believe that it should be option B where’s the education should be the priority to bring levels of growth and critical thinking to help them with life and education. overall the synopsis for a individuals growth is through life standards educations should be a benefit to all that want to succeed against the status quo, challenge old thinkings and changing the very aspects of this world for we so called “life”.


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Well, yeah. But this is all very abstract. Can you tell us about an event that had an impact on you? Why did you come to feel this way about education? What teacher had an effect on you, positive or negative? Or was it family? The idea of an Education Narrative is to paint us a picture, and that means using concrete details and actions. So this is good conclusion/explanation material, but show us how you came to this conclusion by telling us a story.

    • Malachi Bacchus

      thank you for your feedback I should’ve implemented a story here we go.

      “It was when I was around during elementary school of the age years of 12 to 14. I was struggling to pass some of the classes that were hard. I was wondering if this education was really legit and was the necessary tool for real world challenges. it wasn’t until my dad new my struggles and decided to help me with teaching me math and educational aspects of life. Every time I get it wrong he would beat me not because he thought I was stupid but because he wanted the best of me to grow as a human being to learn and become smarter so aggressiveness and assertiveness is what make me stronger at making my decisions on what to learn and not what to learn. After my father teaches me by studying I started to get good at grades, school and started to improve myself as a person. though I would go through bumps and their that still didn’t stop me from successfully becoming the person I truly come to be all thanks to my father that showed tough love for my well being and for my education. as people say, life without education or father leads to nowhere, a life with education and a father leads to a successful future.

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