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My English Narrative.

I have had many significant moments in my life which have happened in school or even during class, some for the better and some for the worse. A story I feel compelled to share is the story of how I became literate. Yes, becoming literate is no easy task for anyone and in my case it happened with hard work and a fantastic english teacher. Learning to read and write is important in everyones life and some may struggle more than others but it is a journey we must take to become the best person we can be.

The year is 2011 and I, Daniel Rivas, am entering 1st grade while still being unable to read or write officially. By all means I could write my name, the date, the months but I could not write any coherent and complete sentences. All my sentences would have no periods or commas or any kind of ending. My reading was better than my writing but in my school we had to take a proficiency exam with the teacher and it was a one on one meeting where I was to read aloud some sort of text. Naturally there was levels to this proficiency exam which were assigned letters such as being able to read at a B level or G level which would rise depending on the difficulty of the passage. I was at the AA level which was the lowest at the time. On paper I could not read sentences more than four words but in reality this was not true. I could not properly pronounce the sentence “I see the tree, he saw the deer” as I fumbled on the words “see” and “saw”. With more than half the year going by I was not going to be admitted to second grade if I could not make it to at least a D level in reading and I was beginning to get worried. It just so happened that by some stroke of luck I was one day able to pronounce that sentence and promoted from AA to A level in reading. From there I continuously aced my proficiency exams until I reached level G in reading which at the time was the highest level a first grader could go. My writing however, did not have as much luck.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Writing is hard! But it’s amazing what you achieved in such a short time. Did anything help you that you remember? Something the teacher did or your family did or a book(s) that you really got into?

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