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Here’s the thing I know what the word genre means, and I know how there are different types of genre but I can’t explain it. If you ask me what it is, I will just look at you like I have no idea what you are talking about. From what I’ve seen so far I think that the “ingredients” of the educational narrative genre is that you have to base it off your own experience, so you are able to communicate from the heart and how you felt/feel about these things.

I think that a good place to start with my own education narrative might be when I started school for the first time in the US, just because I have a point of view/experience from two completely different education system. But I’m also going to focus on my experience in high school because is what I remember the most about my life in school.

Some of my concerns about writing an education narrative of my own is that I might have no idea what to write. Even if I understand, even if I have an idea in mind I might not be able to get it out of me. Even writing this right now, is like I know what to talk about but don’t know how to get it out of me.

An education experience that has stuck with me was when I started 6th grade, which happens to be my first time in school in the US. Things are done different here from DR and I was told that it wasn’t the correct way to do it. For example math when it comes to division it’s different and I had to learn a new way of doing it, because my teacher said so. Like what’s wrong with the way I knew how to do it.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    First, you do have a story to tell! The 6th grade. You mentioned it twice in this one post, so it must be a big deal to you. That’s exactly what you can write about.

    Second, genre is indeed a slippery term. All we can do really is talk about the conventions of a specific genre and hope people know what we’re talking about. Much easier to show than to explain!

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