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How to read like a writer

When Mike Bunn says “How to Read Like a Writer ”, I think he is indicating that reading and writing are both very important and how we use them in our lifestyle/routine or every day such as tweeting, typing, talking to someone and etc. It will help me on is to try something new and be creative when writing

What I noticed a lot was how many questions he put to make you think more and how to change your view when writing and reading on essays or on anything. What I will try to do is to make certain people interested by being more detailed and creative and to make the audience have a bunch of questions in their heads

How I felt reading and annotating it was extremely long, I thought it would have been shorter before reading but I was wrong and there were so many questions that I got confused a bunch of times but it help me to change a view when reading and writing.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This certainly isn’t the longest thing you’ll read in college, but I hope that slowing down to do annotations helps give you more time to figure out what the writer is talking about.

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