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Introductions: Daniel Rivas

One word I would use to describe my feelings for this course is excited. I chose this word as it represents my current emotion as I begin my first few courses for college. What concerns me most about this course is the unforeseen events that will follow. As with all classes I believe that there will be days in which things do not go as planned for both the student and the professor. I hope that when these events happen that they are resolved quickly and efficiently. A few examples would be my internet going out, my laptop not functioning, or the professor calling out sick. A few things about myself would be that I am majoring in Computer Sciences and I am of Spanish and Native American origin.

My brother Alex Rivas

In the picture above is my brother Alex Rivas. He is currently six years old and will be attending Kindergarten in September. I chose this image because I love my brother and he is very important to me as he and I have grown closer together because of the pandemic in which I had and still have to babysit him. The story behind my name is a rather simple one. I got my name from my mother who decided that a name that is both commonly said in Spanish and English would be best as it represents both my cultures. I am proud of my name because although it lacks individuality I enjoy how commonly known it is and rarely have to deal with mispronunciation of it.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Your little brother is adorable. How wonderful that you’re so close!

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