Jacquelyn Blain

Introductions-Hashim Khan

Hello, my name’s Hashim Khan. I’m 17 and some things I’m into are video games, sports, and music. One word that describes how I feel so far is nervous. Some worries I have for the class are forgetting to do assignments, and having technical problems while uploading something. The major I chose to go with is Computer Information Systems. I was born in Brooklyn, but my parents are from Kashmir. I have three sisters with me being the oldest sibling.

These are my two birds Sky, and Luna. Both of them mean a lot to me as they were the first pets that I BEGGED my parents for and actually got. I was named after my Grandfather, and I’m proud to have it. Most people mispronounce my name, but I’ll be sure to correct you. Well, that will be it for me. I’m excited to start college and start this journey!


  1. Shahat Choudhury

    Very cute birds. I used to have couple of them before but sadly had to let the go free because they used to yell like crazy at mid of the night haha

  2. Jazmin Rivera

    Your birds are so cute! My sister had a bird but had to let them go because they are difficult to keep.

  3. Jacquelyn Blain

    Those birds are so cute! Good for you for taking care of them. I’ve known several people who kept birds, and though they can be a handful, they can be wonderful pets for the right person. Sounds like you’re the right person!

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