Jacquelyn Blain

Introduction – Marielly

I was born in the Dominican Republic almost 19 years ago (yet I feel like I have back problems of an old person). My favorite color is lavender and yes I also love the smell of lavender. My major is bioinformatics, I want to be a neurologist by the time I am done with college and medical school and all that fun stuff. I won’t lie and say that I am not nervous about this course but at the same time I am very excited for it. I’m excited to learn new things about the way I write.

That is my dog Sally and she is one of the most important living thing for me. I hope you guys got to learn a bit about me.


  1. KaylenMartinez

    Your dog is so cute!! I feel the same way as you do about this course

  2. Jacquelyn Blain

    Awww, Sally and her coat are so adorable. Love that you’re heading for medical school; I have doctors all over my family (I failed calculus and organic chemistry, so… English major!). Great, hard, worthwhile profession.

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