Jacquelyn Blain

Getting to know me

What’s up guys, my name is Eliana my favorite color is light purple and my favorite animal is a dog:) One word that describes how I’m feeling about this course is nervous. I really hope this course teaches me more about my writing and how to improve it. There isnt really much of a backstory to my name other than my cousin didnt want to be the only person in the family whos name started with an “E” so she told my mom to give me a name that starts with “E”.


  1. Kasemkolar

    Love the picture lol!! I feel the same way about improving my writing skills in this class.

  2. KaylenMartinez

    My favorite animal is a dog as well :). What are you majoring in?

    • Eliana

      Trying to get my pre-reqs for nursing

  3. Krzysztof Lipa

    This picture deserves an award, everyone gets nervous but if you do everything well in class or in college you aren’t going to be nervous.

  4. Jacquelyn Blain

    Is that a Wegman picture? He takes photos like that. Great picture. I like the story of your name — we get named for the most random reasons sometimes :-D.

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