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Homework #3

I named my first Bacteria Bibi, because it starts with a “B” just like Bacteria. I started in Brazil, because I thought it was a pretty easy target for the over crowded population and their hot climate. However, it took a while to start infecting within the same country. I chose my transmission to be Birds because it’s an easy way to spread a disease worldwide. I chose my ability to be Heat Resistance because Brazil is known for its very hot climate, and that way the bacteria would spread faster. And one of the symptoms I chose was Coughing because it can lead to other symptoms such as pneumonia and other pulmonary sicknesses. As the bacteria starts spreading and infecting more people, wealthy countries start doing research to find a cure, and that’s when I chose other abilities such as drug resistance so the bacteria doesn’t stop spreading. The game became very entertaining and somehow addictive. It takes a lot of planning and decision making. With that being said, my first bacteria Bibi wasn’t very successful. It took her about 3 years to kill most of the population. The only countries that were not infected were Iceland and Greenland. I tried choosing other abilities such as Cold Resistance but it still didn’t work. However, this first game gave me some experience for the second round. My second bacteria was Boby, he was a killer! I started Boby in Germany. A wealthy country in Europe, surrounded by other wealthy countries. Boby started to spread all over Europe. And I chose the same transmission as the first game, Birds. I chose my first ability to be Drug Resistance because since Germany is a wealthy country they have access to drugs to stop spreading it. And I chose the same symptoms as the first game, coughing. While Boby was spreading I started using my DNA points to choose abilities such as Genetic Hardening to stop the cure process that was going on in Europe. Boby unlike Bibi infected Iceland and Greenland. It destroyed all the countries in 1 year. My score was 2960. I had a very good progress because my score with Bibi was 67. I like this game a lot. I usually don’t download games on my phone. But I’ll be keeping this one, because it’s very entertaining and I learned so much about the spreading of diseases.

Homework #3

The name of my disease is buryem in first game. I started from Brazil as an accident so I chose it as a poor nation. Brazil is surrounded by lots of water which I believed could increase the possibility of transmission and death. First 100 people were affected within 10 minutes, I believed I was definately on to something. The first million people were affected within 30 minutes. The infection began spreading around the world soon thereafter. My mode of transmission was through the air and water . It spead so fast but the first death occurred within 1 hour and . I think the virus was not strong enough to kill and destroy much of the human race. In the end a total of 977 people died. In the end cure for the virus was at 15% and is estimated to be available in over a year. That seems very long. The virus did not spread to Greenland , Finland,Sweden , Baltic States or Canada. . The virus spead everywhere else in the world. Total people infected worldwide was 6,177,504,045. It is just amazing how fast the virus spread. As a wealthy nation I chose Sweden and named the Disease Buryem 2. IT took way longer to spread. I believe it took longer because of the more advanced health care.  It took over 30 mins to spread to 100 people. Did not affect 1,000, 000,000 people yet. Both games proved that diseases are more likely to spread in poorer unsanitary environments. Don’t think I really grasped the game fully  because I would have definately mutated my disease to wipe out the world but It has helped me to understand pandemic transmission.

Homework #3

I named the disease Praline. For the first game, I accidentally chose Russia 10/19/2015. I kept playing because I wanted to get familiarized with the Plague. The infection of the disease started spreading slowly because I wasn’t sure about how to make the disease more infectious and spread faster. Once I realized how to play, I started using the DNA points for Transmission, Symptoms and Abilities. The disease infected the first 100 people by 01/02/2016. The first million people infected by 2/15/2016. I used my DNA point to evolving the disease. I chose  Transmission traits (carrier insects) and Abilities (cold resistant). When wealthy countries started researching, I evolved the disease by using DNA points for the drug resistant abilities. Eventually I used all the abilities, transmission and symptoms. The first country it spread to was Korea in 2/4/2016. There after, the disease started spreading to other countries and millions were infected by 4/15/2016 around the world. The disease became more infectious than TB, HIV, Common cold, Small pox, Spanish flu and Black death. Billions of people infected by 12/1/2017. There were no healthy people in the world by 3/27/2017. The first deaths occurred Central Africa on 4/1/2017. I had to use more DNA points towards lethal symptoms for deaths to happen. Many symptoms mutated without using DNA points. Insomnia, anemia, paranoia and abscesses were some of the symptoms that mutated without using DNA points. The disease did not destroy the human race but most of the people in the world had died. At 97% completion of a cure, new strain of the disease developed. I think that research took long because the poor countries didn’t have funding to research. Italy sent research teams to infected countries hoping to find a cure. The disease was eradicated in 859 days. For the second game, I named the disease Praline2. The disease started in Canada on 10/20/2015. The first 100 infected 1/2/2016.The first million were infected by 1/24/2016. All the characteristics of the disease was the same but the wealthy countries started researching sooner and completed a cure faster. Many people were infected but less people died. A cure was completed by 8/23/2017.The Disease progress depended on the wealth of the country, the climates, the measures that some countries took to prevent the disease from spreading like shutting down airports, giving curfew, getting research starting sooner, the transmissions, symptoms and abilities used. The Plaque absolutely gave me a better understanding of a pandemic transmission. I did conquer Greenland. This was very educational and scary. The people sneezing, coughing, children playing and singing the ring around the rosy made it seem even more realistic. This is a creepy song to me now.

Home work 3

I named my bacteria ‘copox’. At a casual level of dificulty, i must say that it was quite interesting to play, and eradicate the entire human race. I started in a poor nation , India. I used the DNA points to speed up the transmission. As India has hot weather and a heavy mansoon season I picked the mosquitoes as the primary route of transmission, eventually adding more means of transmissions. The first death occured on 10-12-2015, which was only ten days after the transmission. The infection spread to china, and pakistan and the other neighboring countries. Copox had killed 100 humans by 10-13-2015. Infection was spreading to all the continents via the air travel and sea routes. Research for the cure of Copox was not a priority until it started infecting countries like the U.S.A and U.K. I tried to add on to the symptoms and abilities by increasing the drug resistance. Greenland was the last to get infected and deaths occured slowly.Human race finally ended after fighting the deadly disease for 704 days. The cure had only progressed to 71%.

In the second game, I named by bacteria B2Z2. This time the disease process began in a rich country , U.S.A. The infection began to spread on 10/19/2015, slowly but steadily in the states, spreading first to Egypt and China. Months later,it was  2/14/16 and there was still no death in the states. The first death occured in Egypt and then Mexico. Once it started to kill, the disease spread faster to other nations and continents quickly. I realized that the research on the cure for B2Z2 was much faster that the Copox. The death rate got faster only after I increased the drug resistance , this is when people in the states began to die.The rate of infection was upto 65% all over the world.  Just like the first game, Greenland was the last to get infected due fewer modes of transportantions, and that occured on 1/28/2017. BY 3/13/2012, there were no healthy people living on the planet. But cure was found by any and every means possible , even if they had o use human subjects. B2Z2 was eradicated after 644 days of strong fight against the disease. Humans were victorious.

This was a very informative game , it was fun to win, but not so much, to realize that this game may beacome a reality. We can face extinction just like many other species have. It was interesting to see how infection spreads and see the comparison between a rich and a poor country.

HW # 3 – Visualizing Epidemics

The name of my disease for my first plague was called Adversity created on October 19, 2015. I started my plague in Central Africa. As soon as I started accumulating DNA points I started with water transmission and later insect transmission. I went with heat resistance and started with the symptoms of insomnia and anemia. By 12/9/15 I had already infected 103 people. By the time I could see the infection spreading and reading the news scroll on top of the screen I lost track of the 1,000,000 count and by 2/3/16 I had already infected 19,847,713 people. On 3/30/16 Central Africa started to work on a cure – that’s when I started getting worried. In May 2016, Turkey, New Guinea, and India, among others, started working on their cure research. I evolved my plague by activating the air transmission and drug resistance ability. By 11/6/16, Russia, China, and the U.S.A. were infected while cure research reached 25%. On 12/2/16, the first death occurred in Afghanistan and at the same time about 5 people were infected in Greenland at this point. I think my first death took awhile, roughly a little over a year because I waited longer to evolve the more lethal symptoms of my plague. On 12/10/16 a friendly notice of a global research was underway in developing a cure for Adversity. On 2/13/17 there were no more healthy people in the world. On 3/1/17, cure development reached 75% and this was when I think I used all my DNA points to reach the second levels of transmissions, symptoms and abilities. 26 days later 92% of the cure was complete. On 4/11/17 the cure came to a 100% completion and finally on 5/9/17 Adversity was eradicated in 579 days and the human race was saved. Screenshot_2015-10-19-12-06-51

The name of my second plague was called Lucky K created on October 19, 2015. After being eradicated by plague number one, I raised the ante for Lucky K. Lucky K began in Australia. It infected 103 people by 12/3/15. From what I noticed, both my plagues have a relatively slow start. With Lucky K I noticed I did not see a lot of red areas infected and it also took awhile for it to spread. I started with the typical water transmission and started with the rash and sweating symptoms, which in my opinion paves the way for easier infection since Australia is a hot climate. By 2/26/16 my plague spread to China, Argentina and South Africa and on 3/3/16 I reached the 1,000,000 mark of infecting the world. By 4/7/16 I started seeing more red-targeted places. On 6/9/16, Australia started to work on a cure. By 7/18/16, the first recorded death was in India. However by 9/10/16, only 10 people were infected in Greenland. By 10/6/16 there was 25% cure development. By this time, I already upgraded as much as I could. By this point, the map was all infected, and on 12/7/16 no healthy person was left in the world. I just kept on waiting for what was to come afterwards and I only had 5 DNA points remaining. On 1/16/17 my plague, Lucky K, destroyed the human race despite having a 33% cure in the works. Then a glimmer of “hope” occurred on 2/12/17 stating that my Lucky K plague had mutated and the scientists introduced synthetic genes in hopes of finding a cure. However, after this date Lucky K was victorious and killed the human race in 484 days, including Greenland. Screenshot_2015-10-19-12-32-27Screenshot_2015-10-19-12-32-46

As the creator of Adversity, I was somewhat saddened my plague did not entirely eradicate the human race. Since Adversity started in a poor nation I thought it would actually be more infectious and lethal than Lucky K. I also found it a bit odd that although my infestation with Lucky K did not start out rapidly, I figured it would be like Adversity. Considering that starting at any wealthy nation, there was a bit of a lag in spreading and I thought they might be more able to find a cure. Playing this game made me realize how fast a plague can be transmitted in just a matter of days. Even if there was a cure to be found, a lot of people may already be infected or have already died. We need to take care of ourselves and be ready and mindful of our surroundings just in case a plague does happen because this is seriously devastating and frightening.

Howework #3

The name I have chose was GBT. The poor nation  chose was Peru as a country that don’t have any airport and port in the game, it was very difficult to get the plague spread out worldwide. At first I had very few infected ones. while I activated the bird and insect and air level 1, it totally got faster  among population. Brazil was the most affected, as the people was infected but not killed it helped me out to spread to Australia and Europe. while the plague was attacking every part of the world. Argentina was the first to work for a cure and USA was the first to sent aid units to fight the disease. I was almost to destroy the world but unfortunately I couldn’t destroy humanity because I could not reach Iceland and some island started closing ports to avoid the disease getting into those countries.

The second nation I have chosen was Spain as a wealthy nation I think it was easier because it had an airport and harbor that I could get the disease spread easily and Spain as being part of Europe that are more developed countries connected so they are infected faster and people are being killing continually. So what I did is I put I activated the rodent 1 air 1 and water 1 . These kind of transmissions would help me to get a developed disease and get a strong infectivity around the developed nations around. Once I noticed that some countries like Russia was working on a cure. I tried to protect my plague by applying drug resistance and bacterial resilience to the highest level. I could also reach up to coma as symptoms to increase my rate of mortality. Once again, I could exterminate the human population I could made a hard damage and the same problem as the first tried, I could get to some island like Australia and Japan.

This game is very interesting. I took me a time what would happen if a disease sparks right know, how we would be able to manage and in what circumstance we would be if it is real. I think we need to take conscious of our actions. I took my interest to research if there is a plague around on the world and definitely there is one called Black plague that there is no cure right know and USA is working  on it.

HW # 3. Alternative to Plague

The Black Death or the Bubonic plague occurred in Europe around the Middle Ages, it was an epidemic in the sense that it had almost wiped out the entire European continent as millions of lives had succumbed to this devastating infectious disease. The onset of the disease to humans believes to have started when infected fleas from dead rats had been in contact with the human population.

In the aftermath of this pandemic, there are still some important things to ponder about the Bubonic plague. For instance, when looking at the interactive map of the infected cities, from my perspective, the plague was first spotted in Messina, Italy which is located in the island of Sicily, and then the spread of the disease had conquered most of the continent, which concluded that it is somewhat likely that the plague had entered Europe though the Genoese trade route and sweep onward to the rest of Europe. Also, it is important to realize that the plague had traveled more quickly along shipping routes than overland since the plague originated in Asia and entered Europe by ships through trades between both continents. Also, we can deduce that the plague did not travel overland into France, since it had reached Valencia first, then Paris as there is a large body of water that borders both cities. Therefore, it would have been most likely spread by ships. Then, the path of the plague took so long to reached London when it was already nearby Paris is due to the fact that Britain is an island and it is almost isolated from the rest of Europe, plus France and England were never the best of friends, therefore relations were probably stiff and there was a low probability of people migrating there that could have contributed to the rapid spread of the disease.

As a final point, I believe the interactive map helped me better understand the transmission of the Bubonic plague, since it gave me a starting point, where the disease may have entered Europe and the cities it had wreaked havoc on in that part of the world.


My bacteria is named Yoshi, and Ollie after my pet Conure and Cockatiel respectively. I’m new to the game but read through the instructions that are part of the game. I focused on transmission first and for most, before I evolved any symptoms, so I can go unnoticed. Once the world was infected I spent my DNA on symptoms and cure resistance. I didn’t realize I could devolve the free symptoms until the second round.

Yoshi originally started in India. It took 45 days to infect 100 people and about 90 days to infect 1 million people. I focused on transmission I played with the insect and bird to help transmit the bacteria over land boarders. I also used air and water. Since I did not use any DNA points on symptoms, my first dead took 1year 7 months, but since everyone was infected it was all downhill from there.  Total organ failure, and by chance the walking dead combo appeared. Cure rate 35% Total 729 days.

Ollie began in the U.S. It took only 15 days to infect 100, and 6 months to reach 1 million. Since it started in the U.S. I received a text bubble that medicine is slowing the transmission rate. I upped the drug resistance I, and II as to not have a cure made before the total infection of the world. This time I only used air, and water transmission until I maxed out at Bio-Aerosol. I then de-evolved any symptoms that I received for free until the whole world was infected. Again one the world was infected I dumped my DNA into the symptoms until I reached total organ failure. This time I devolved the transmissions and was able to get necrosis which seemed to help speed the death rate. First person dead 1 year 6 months. This time the death rate shoot up quick with only 12% cure rate. Total 630 days.

Although I played this as a game to beat, I believe it really shows just how dangerous and easy a plague could spread in today’s society of easy intercontinental travel, and large group gatherings.


Homework 3

In my first game I began in Angola. Th name of the disease was called Vanilla. It started on October 19,2015 and the first 100 people were affected by December 17,2015. By March 18, 2016, 1,000,000 people were infected. The first death occurred on November 19, 2016. There were barely import and exporting on ships or flights coming in and out of the country. The plague didn’t destroy the human race and the disease was eradicated in 586 days. A cure was found and started helping the infected people. In the second game I started in the USA. The name of this disease was Chocolate. By January 5,2016, 100 people were infected. On May 1,2016, a million people were infected with Chocolate. The first death occured on October 5, 2016. By November 17, 2016, no more healthy people were on earth. It took a long time because the ships were using cleaning techniques and had high prescription medication usage fighting off the infection. No cure was found and the human race was destroyed. Angola spread and infected 1 million people within five months. USA took 7 months  to spread to 1 million people. USA had a lot of ships traveling in and out of the country. They also had many flights going in and out of the country. The disease was spreading all over the world. Even though different techniques were given to control the spread of disease, the bacteria strain grew stronger and was able to still spread. In each game I played I conquered Greenland. This game definitely showed me how pandemic transmission occurs. It was amazing how fast these diseases spread within a few days and how far they could reach. My diseases went world wide and even killed the whole world. It’s scary how one strain of bacteria can do so much damage if it isn’t contain properly and in an orderly fashion. Once the disease becomes a pandemic it is almost impossible to control.

Homework #3

The name of my disease was Contagion. The first time around I chose Russia. I figured it was a large enough country and I was curious to see what happened. In the first game, I didn’t really know how to play as I was getting acquainted with the game and how it worked. After I figured out what everything did, I killed everything on earth in about a little over a year. The first thing I chose was insects and then I played around with a few other vectors to see how fast everything would go and try to make my bacteria spread faster. Once I got to birds and airborne forms of transmission it went a little faster.

The second country I chose was India, and while disease spread a lot faster  this time, I was not able to kill off the world. I chose a more difficult level because I thought I  already knew what to do.  Initially I diversified my ways of transmission, and then I went for the abilities of the DNA, changing its strength like resistance to antibiotics, and the ability to thrive in certain temperatures, however I wasn’t able to get Greenland! I honestly wasn’t paying attention to how long it took to infect the first 100 but it happened very quickly. Once you added water transmission and means of transmission through sweat, or sneezing, and coughing in a very populated area, it went very fast.

This game definitely helped me to understand pandemic transmission a lot better. There was definitely a difference between the different types of transmissions and how quickly they spread in relation to the population. It was also interesting to see how the bacteria mutated on its own. Another thing that slowed down transmission was when they stopped transportation.  This game made me really pay attention to the things we do on a daily basis, and it even made me think about the Ebola virus and what was happening when it hit the United States. Unfortunately this game is a little addicting but it was fun and educational at the same time.