Homework 3

In my first game I began in Angola. Th name of the disease was called Vanilla. It started on October 19,2015 and the first 100 people were affected by December 17,2015. By March 18, 2016, 1,000,000 people were infected. The first death occurred on November 19, 2016. There were barely import and exporting on ships or flights coming in and out of the country. The plague didn’t destroy the human race and the disease was eradicated in 586 days. A cure was found and started helping the infected people. In the second game I started in the USA. The name of this disease was Chocolate. By January 5,2016, 100 people were infected. On May 1,2016, a million people were infected with Chocolate. The first death occured on October 5, 2016. By November 17, 2016, no more healthy people were on earth. It took a long time because the ships were using cleaning techniques and had high prescription medication usage fighting off the infection. No cure was found and the human race was destroyed. Angola spread and infected 1 million people within five months. USA took 7 months  to spread to 1 million people. USA had a lot of ships traveling in and out of the country. They also had many flights going in and out of the country. The disease was spreading all over the world. Even though different techniques were given to control the spread of disease, the bacteria strain grew stronger and was able to still spread. In each game I played I conquered Greenland. This game definitely showed me how pandemic transmission occurs. It was amazing how fast these diseases spread within a few days and how far they could reach. My diseases went world wide and even killed the whole world. It’s scary how one strain of bacteria can do so much damage if it isn’t contain properly and in an orderly fashion. Once the disease becomes a pandemic it is almost impossible to control.

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