Homework #3

I named my first Bacteria Bibi, because it starts with a “B” just like Bacteria. I started in Brazil, because I thought it was a pretty easy target for the over crowded population and their hot climate. However, it took a while to start infecting within the same country. I chose my transmission to be Birds because it’s an easy way to spread a disease worldwide. I chose my ability to be Heat Resistance because Brazil is known for its very hot climate, and that way the bacteria would spread faster. And one of the symptoms I chose was Coughing because it can lead to other symptoms such as pneumonia and other pulmonary sicknesses. As the bacteria starts spreading and infecting more people, wealthy countries start doing research to find a cure, and that’s when I chose other abilities such as drug resistance so the bacteria doesn’t stop spreading. The game became very entertaining and somehow addictive. It takes a lot of planning and decision making. With that being said, my first bacteria Bibi wasn’t very successful. It took her about 3 years to kill most of the population. The only countries that were not infected were Iceland and Greenland. I tried choosing other abilities such as Cold Resistance but it still didn’t work. However, this first game gave me some experience for the second round. My second bacteria was Boby, he was a killer! I started Boby in Germany. A wealthy country in Europe, surrounded by other wealthy countries. Boby started to spread all over Europe. And I chose the same transmission as the first game, Birds. I chose my first ability to be Drug Resistance because since Germany is a wealthy country they have access to drugs to stop spreading it. And I chose the same symptoms as the first game, coughing. While Boby was spreading I started using my DNA points to choose abilities such as Genetic Hardening to stop the cure process that was going on in Europe. Boby unlike Bibi infected Iceland and Greenland. It destroyed all the countries in 1 year. My score was 2960. I had a very good progress because my score with Bibi was 67. I like this game a lot. I usually don’t download games on my phone. But I’ll be keeping this one, because it’s very entertaining and I learned so much about the spreading of diseases.

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