Home work 3

I named my bacteria ‘copox’. At a casual level of dificulty, i must say that it was quite interesting to play, and eradicate the entire human race. I started in a poor nation , India. I used the DNA points to speed up the transmission. As India has hot weather and a heavy mansoon season I picked the mosquitoes as the primary route of transmission, eventually adding more means of transmissions. The first death occured on 10-12-2015, which was only ten days after the transmission. The infection spread to china, and pakistan and the other neighboring countries. Copox had killed 100 humans by 10-13-2015. Infection was spreading to all the continents via the air travel and sea routes. Research for the cure of Copox was not a priority until it started infecting countries like the U.S.A and U.K. I tried to add on to the symptoms and abilities by increasing the drug resistance. Greenland was the last to get infected and deaths occured slowly.Human race finally ended after fighting the deadly disease for 704 days. The cure had only progressed to 71%.

In the second game, I named by bacteria B2Z2. This time the disease process began in a rich country , U.S.A. The infection began to spread on 10/19/2015, slowly but steadily in the states, spreading first to Egypt and China. Months later,it was  2/14/16 and there was still no death in the states. The first death occured in Egypt and then Mexico. Once it started to kill, the disease spread faster to other nations and continents quickly. I realized that the research on the cure for B2Z2 was much faster that the Copox. The death rate got faster only after I increased the drug resistance , this is when people in the states began to die.The rate of infection was upto 65% all over the world.  Just like the first game, Greenland was the last to get infected due fewer modes of transportantions, and that occured on 1/28/2017. BY 3/13/2012, there were no healthy people living on the planet. But cure was found by any and every means possible , even if they had o use human subjects. B2Z2 was eradicated after 644 days of strong fight against the disease. Humans were victorious.

This was a very informative game , it was fun to win, but not so much, to realize that this game may beacome a reality. We can face extinction just like many other species have. It was interesting to see how infection spreads and see the comparison between a rich and a poor country.

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