Homework #3

The name of my disease is buryem in first game. I started from Brazil as an accident so I chose it as a poor nation. Brazil is surrounded by lots of water which I believed could increase the possibility of transmission and death. First 100 people were affected within 10 minutes, I believed I was definately on to something. The first million people were affected within 30 minutes. The infection began spreading around the world soon thereafter. My mode of transmission was through the air and water . It spead so fast but the first death occurred within 1 hour and . I think the virus was not strong enough to kill and destroy much of the human race. In the end a total of 977 people died. In the end cure for the virus was at 15% and is estimated to be available in over a year. That seems very long. The virus did not spread to Greenland , Finland,Sweden , Baltic States or Canada. . The virus spead everywhere else in the world. Total people infected worldwide was 6,177,504,045. It is just amazing how fast the virus spread. As a wealthy nation I chose Sweden and named the Disease Buryem 2. IT took way longer to spread. I believe it took longer because of the more advanced health care.  It took over 30 mins to spread to 100 people. Did not affect 1,000, 000,000 people yet. Both games proved that diseases are more likely to spread in poorer unsanitary environments. Don’t think I really grasped the game fully  because I would have definately mutated my disease to wipe out the world but It has helped me to understand pandemic transmission.

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