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My bacteria is named Yoshi, and Ollie after my pet Conure and Cockatiel respectively. I’m new to the game but read through the instructions that are part of the game. I focused on transmission first and for most, before I evolved any symptoms, so I can go unnoticed. Once the world was infected I spent my DNA on symptoms and cure resistance. I didn’t realize I could devolve the free symptoms until the second round.

Yoshi originally started in India. It took 45 days to infect 100 people and about 90 days to infect 1 million people. I focused on transmission I played with the insect and bird to help transmit the bacteria over land boarders. I also used air and water. Since I did not use any DNA points on symptoms, my first dead took 1year 7 months, but since everyone was infected it was all downhill from there.  Total organ failure, and by chance the walking dead combo appeared. Cure rate 35% Total 729 days.

Ollie began in the U.S. It took only 15 days to infect 100, and 6 months to reach 1 million. Since it started in the U.S. I received a text bubble that medicine is slowing the transmission rate. I upped the drug resistance I, and II as to not have a cure made before the total infection of the world. This time I only used air, and water transmission until I maxed out at Bio-Aerosol. I then de-evolved any symptoms that I received for free until the whole world was infected. Again one the world was infected I dumped my DNA into the symptoms until I reached total organ failure. This time I devolved the transmissions and was able to get necrosis which seemed to help speed the death rate. First person dead 1 year 6 months. This time the death rate shoot up quick with only 12% cure rate. Total 630 days.

Although I played this as a game to beat, I believe it really shows just how dangerous and easy a plague could spread in today’s society of easy intercontinental travel, and large group gatherings.


Homework #2

In Weems’ “From Here I Saw What Happened and I Cried.” collection, I feel that the appropriation of Zealy’s photographs are transformed into a deep meaning and feeling collection. Her use of the color red really make me focus on each photograph more carefully. The darks are darker and the lights contrast more. It might also evoke the emotion of anger or rage that she felt whilst making this collection. The text added to the pictures tells a flowing narrative through the collection and could also be used as a stand alone statement with the picture.  The text can be read along with viewing the photograph, but after reading the text I tend to analyze the picture more, and let the words sink in. It is like the picture accentuate the words and the words emphasizes the picture.  Without the text I don’t believe the collection would be as powerful a statement about slavery and racism. Weems turned what was a collection of pictures taken for a hateful purpose of lessening African Americans and turned it into a powerful piece about discrimination and bigotry.

Home Work #1


My picture, although not as explicit as some we’ve seen in class. It involves electroshock therapy.  Although this is a more modern painting than what we saw in class, It still serves as historical medical record. Electroshock was a treatment used in thr late 19th and early 20th centuries to treat a number of ailments.  In the painting, the patient’s face is what originally drew me to it. He seems to be in incredible pain, where as the doctor is very nonchalantly applying the treatment. They are clearly meant to be the focal point of the painting as they are direclty lit from the window. Upon further inspection you can see a looker-in through a back window of what I could only guess was an alleyway doctor’s office. What really got me was the sadistic face of the doctor’s helper. He is smiling as he cranks the generator. He seems to be enjoying the pain of by the patient, and glad he is the one to deliver the power for it.