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Howework #3

The name I have chose was GBT. The poor nation  chose was Peru as a country that don’t have any airport and port in the game, it was very difficult to get the plague spread out worldwide. At first I had very few infected ones. while I activated the bird and insect and air level 1, it totally got faster  among population. Brazil was the most affected, as the people was infected but not killed it helped me out to spread to Australia and Europe. while the plague was attacking every part of the world. Argentina was the first to work for a cure and USA was the first to sent aid units to fight the disease. I was almost to destroy the world but unfortunately I couldn’t destroy humanity because I could not reach Iceland and some island started closing ports to avoid the disease getting into those countries.

The second nation I have chosen was Spain as a wealthy nation I think it was easier because it had an airport and harbor that I could get the disease spread easily and Spain as being part of Europe that are more developed countries connected so they are infected faster and people are being killing continually. So what I did is I put I activated the rodent 1 air 1 and water 1 . These kind of transmissions would help me to get a developed disease and get a strong infectivity around the developed nations around. Once I noticed that some countries like Russia was working on a cure. I tried to protect my plague by applying drug resistance and bacterial resilience to the highest level. I could also reach up to coma as symptoms to increase my rate of mortality. Once again, I could exterminate the human population I could made a hard damage and the same problem as the first tried, I could get to some island like Australia and Japan.

This game is very interesting. I took me a time what would happen if a disease sparks right know, how we would be able to manage and in what circumstance we would be if it is real. I think we need to take conscious of our actions. I took my interest to research if there is a plague around on the world and definitely there is one called Black plague that there is no cure right know and USA is working  on it.

Homework #1 Michael Estrada

What I have found striking of this image was , how the patience in this image is being treated. it reflects how medicine has been improved over time. It got my attention because this image shows someone having a surgery . I think it was a common act where the surgeon did not have a specific place where to do this surgery or the patient could go like a hospital or a right place to do the surgery. We can also see the lack of hygiene during a clinical surgery, as we see there is a dog being walking around which might represent the lack of cleanliness and a mother or wife who suffers of pain more than a man who is being treated maybe with no anesthesia at all . It also shows a surgeon with no glove or special tools for doing a well surgical process as now days. I am seeing someone putting its own hand in a open wound trying to move or find something inside the patient. This image shows same contrast, feelings and reality as the images seen in class. through this master piece of drawing we can see how the history of medicine has been improved since long time ago where there was no camera of any relating media as there are plenty of them today.