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Homework #1 Michael Estrada

What I have found striking of this image was , how the patience in this image is being treated. it reflects how medicine has been improved over time. It got my attention because this image shows someone having a surgery . I think it was a common act where the surgeon did not have a specific place where to do this surgery or the patient could go like a hospital or a right place to do the surgery. We can also see the lack of hygiene during a clinical surgery, as we see there is a dog being walking around which might represent the lack of cleanliness and a mother or wife who suffers of pain more than a man who is being treated maybe with no anesthesia at all . It also shows a surgeon with no glove or special tools for doing a well surgical process as now days. I am seeing someone putting its own hand in a open wound trying to move or find something inside the patient. This image shows same contrast, feelings and reality as the images seen in class. through this master piece of drawing we can see how the history of medicine has been improved since long time ago where there was no camera of any relating media as there are plenty of them today.

Homework #1: Wellcome Images Database

A tattoo on a piece of human skin showing a male bust and a flower stem Photograph Late 19th century Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

A tattoo on a piece of human skin showing a male bust and a flower stem
Photograph, Late 19th century
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

Choose a historical image from Wellcome Images, an important database of images on the history of medicine. This homework will give you the opportunity to explore this database so that you can make use of its images for future assignments. Post your image and compare it to the images we have seen in class. What is striking about the image, why did it capture your attention? How does it compare to some of the imagery that we have seen in class?

  1. Register for an account on Wellcome Images. This will give you more options to save and download images
  2. Search for a historical image of a medical topic that you would like explore.
  3. If you’re unsure of where to start, click on the galleries along the bottom of the home page to look around.
  4. Download an image to share with your classmate.
  5. Create a post on our OpenLab website that includes your chosen image. Follow the directions under “Posting Guidelines” to learn how to submit a post and upload an image.

Link to Wellcome Images website

Please submit your post and image by class on Tuesday September 29th.