HW #4

This photo looks like it’s been staged because I think if he gets shot, he should be falling down straight instead of butt facing the ground. However, I did change my mind after I read the article whereas O.D. Gllagher and Bill Mauldin both provided evidence to prove that Capa purposely staged the the photograph but later both of their evidence to be proven fake. Gllagher did not share a room with Capa and the photograph Maulin recognized was by George SIlk.

Also, I don’t think you would be able to have that much time to stage a photograph in battlefield. It was a period of war, if they wanted to stage a photo they did not have to go to a battlefield. They could have done it somewhere with a similar background, not having their life risked under flying bullets.

I think authenticity does matter, because when viewers are getting information from the photo they expected the information to be true and real. If the photo is fake, then what is the point of spending time to look at something that is unreal. But, sometimes a staged photograph is only meant to make the photo more convincing, it might have been staged but doesn’t mean it is not authentic.

Lab #7: Grains Culinary Art HMGT 1203-LC22

Our focus today is grain, the white one is Arborio rice and the dark one is medium grain rice

We used rice pilaf method to cook the medium grain rice

For the Arborio Rice we used Risotto method, the product is creamy and tasty.

Pasta is made with Semolina Flour, this is Prof. Zimmerman’d demo of pasta making.

Student cooking Arborio rice using the Risotto method.

Prof. Zimmerman demos how to make pasta using the pasta maker.

Prof. Zimmerman making Fettucine Alfredo

Student using a saute pan to saute Polenta

Fettucine Alfredo made by students.

Finished product

We made the polenta, put it in a 1/8 sheet pan to rest, cut it and then we sauté it.

BiQing Liu- HW#1 Photography, Instagram and the Food Industry

With the increasingly use of social media, apps like Instagram have a huge influence on people’s decision making, such as which restaurant to dine in for next meal. Users of Instagram are able to find new restaurants by looking into the posts on Instagram. With the beautified pictures and captions of the food, followers of that certain Instagramer will be easily convinced to try that restaurant.

Photography, food and social media created a new business opportunity for both the restaurant owners and social media users. It is no longer peculiar for restaurant owners to pay for certain Instagram users to take a photo of their food and post on Instagram. The photo posted on Instagram will then act as advertisement for the restaurant. By paying for the photo, restaurants are able to increase their sales and attract more potential customers, Instagram users are able to make a decent money for what they do every day and consumers are able to find new restaurant.

I personally don’t take photo of what I eat, but I do make my decision based on what people eat. If a photo really draws my attention, that restaurant will be the next one I am going to. Based on my personal experience, I do believe that photography is deeply connected with food industry and social media.