Lab #7: Grains Culinary Art HMGT 1203-LC22

Our focus today is grain, the white one is Arborio rice and the dark one is medium grain rice

We used rice pilaf method to cook the medium grain rice

For the Arborio Rice we used Risotto method, the product is creamy and tasty.

Pasta is made with Semolina Flour, this is Prof. Zimmerman’d demo of pasta making.

Student cooking Arborio rice using the Risotto method.

Prof. Zimmerman demos how to make pasta using the pasta maker.

Prof. Zimmerman making Fettucine Alfredo

Student using a saute pan to saute Polenta

Fettucine Alfredo made by students.

Finished product

We made the polenta, put it in a 1/8 sheet pan to rest, cut it and then we sauté it.

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