Inspiration Richard Foster

This photograph by by Foster is from one of his many perfume campaigns. Though I am unsure which this perfume from whichever campaign he shot. I think from looking throughout his work that this photo is definitely one of his strongest examples of a ‘hero’ shot. I think that this photo is really strong due to not only the prominent reflection shown here but also the colorful gradient shown on the bottle throughout the casted reflection. I don’t think this even has to show the brand of perfume necessarily since the strength of the photo speaks for itself. I think that the reflections on the sides of the bottle and the lid are also well done. They show a nice contrast of the shadow silhouette and the color gradient. I also like how the reflection from the sides of the bottle also cast down over the gradient that is casted down like a shadow from the bottle while it is just light going through the bottle to give off that effect.

One thought on “Inspiration Richard Foster

  1. rmichals

    This is an interesting example to use for the hero shot. I usually assume that to make the product look important it must be shot from a low angle. This is an example that breaks that rule. Here it is the high contrast that commands attention.


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