Inspiration Brian Rodgers Jr.

This photo by Rodgers features a Sixth Glass beer front and center being lit on fire. This photo is very bold and strong and tells the story of the beer being ‘good’ or ‘strong’ or ‘impactful’ with the fire around it. The fire on the beer is what makes the statement of the beer being good and not just the beer itself. If the photo just featured the beer itself then I don’t think it would be as strong of a photo composition wise nor would it show the consumer how good and powerful the product really is. The hero product which is the beer shown in the photo also has a good visual look in terms of form and color. The color of the bottle matches well with the fire that was placed in the photo and the label also matches well with the rest of the photo. The black backdrop also allows the beer and fire to stand out more and is much stronger compared to if the backdrop was white or any other color.

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