Brian Rodgers Jr.

Brian Rdogers Jr. has a lot of nice photos. One thing that I noticed that’s different from the other photographers I’ve written about is that he adds a lot of props, which may have been adding after the shoot. For example one of his pictures was of a drink but he added a fire texture, which brought life to the photograph. Another picture I saw was of an orange drink and around the drink were lemons, but the lemons were portraying movement.

From all of his photos, I feel like this one stood out to me the most. Both pictures are of the same product, yet were shoot differently. The first picture is of the bottle and what I love the most about it is how well lit the bottle is. I feel as if there was a backlight hitting the bottle because of how well lit the bottle looks. Another thing I love about the first picture is the details, the water sprayed on the bottle, helps the drink to be portrayed at cold and refreshing. Lastly, I love the details behind the bottle, It brings a great depth of field and makes nice colors. The colors are a good balance and aren’t taking away from the bottle.

Lastly on the other side, he captured the drink in a cup. What’s most successful about this image is the splash. The splash makes a great shape, it’s the most perfect splash I’ve ever seen. Another thing that’s most successful about the shoot is the lighting, everything is well lit, it’s hard to shoot glass in my opinion but he was able to perfectly get the glass to look super clear. The great detail of the ice being dropped makes the shot so interesting. One question I have is, in this picture is that a natural shadow, or what is possibly produced after the shoot?


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