Brian Rodgers Jr

Seeing Brian Rodgers Jr.’s photographs was very interesting. They all seem as if they took a lot of setup time and retouching in order to get that nice, crisp, high-end magazine/catalog style that defines his work. One of the many photographs that caught my attention was the commercial beer and splash. The beer bottle caught my attention at first glance by the way it is outlined by, what seems to be, a very lit back light. The contrast between the actual bottle and background is intense, in my opinion. Reason being, because the bottle is sort of a bright scarlet color that is outlined with white, and then the background is very dark, except in the center. The background lights bring out the bottle more, even besides the fact that it is the main center focus while everything else is out of focus. The shadows work well because of the strong light at the right that creates a shadow at the foot of the bottom left side of the beer bottle. The droplets of “condensation” on the bottle create a more realistic look. As if the beer were fresh out the fridge. This “trick” was done very nicely because there is not too much or too little of it. The image to the right is also one of my favorites because of how the liquid seems to be falling out of the glass cup. The moment was captured at the right moment. There must’ve been a fast shutter speed used since it lets in less light and gives the effect of freezing an object in motion, such as the liquid that was poured.

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  1. rmichals

    These are two terrific examples of photographing glass and totally eliminating all direct reflection.

    Note that the splash was probably shot with strobe lights and it would be the speed of the flash of light otherwise known as the flash duration that would capture the motion.


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