Jill Keller

From looking at Jill Keller’s page, I was fascinated with the great pictures she took. My favorite series from her website was the Burgers. From the series, this burger was my favorite from the rest.

From the looks of the picture, the picture tells a story. The story that I get from the picture is that this burger is possible from a restaurant. The clue that helps me see that is from the add on she placed in the pictures. When I say add ons, I mean the fries and drink. I give me a feel as if this is a combo or his burger works well with these add ons. The add ons works for the burger because they go well together and makes me want it even more.

What makes the food look so appetizing is how much detail was captured. Every ingredient is well caught in the picture, from how vibranT the lettuce and tomatoes are to how well the cheese is melting on the burger. The small details bring life to the bigger picture.

I also love the props that were used in this image. Keller used a lot of props that helped bring the burger alive. She used plates, napkins, sauces and even as something as a beer cap. The beer caps add to the story of being able to enjoy this burger with dinner. It helps build the burger.

Keller did a great job shooting the burger. Though it loaded with a lot of props I feel that it works well. It brings character to the burger.

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  1. rmichals

    I am sure that after having Jill Keller in class, it is now clearer to you what the role of the food stylist is. She does not shoot the photo but instead makes sure that the food looks great.


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