Inspiration Jill Keller

This photo by Jill Keller is from the section on her site called “Jello”. The photo just consists of a bunch of fruits, jello, ice etc. on a tray but the thing that makes it interesting is that they are all color coordinated and sectioned. The thing that makes the food in this photo look appetizing to me is the fact that there is a variety of shape, color and size of the fruit ice and jello. You can see the kiwi for example sliced open and seeing all of the inside parts of it and next to the broken up jello and fruit mixed in with each other. The overall look and composition of this photo looks very appetizing and refreshing. Some of the props for this photo like the ice and the tray for example add to the refreshing look of this photo. It makes the fruit and jello combined feel fresh and more appetizing and helps tells the story of the photo being appealing. I think the choice of color coordination of the fruits was a smart choice by the photographer and really brings out the composition and the feeling of it being appetizing. I feel like color coordination is very nice and flows well together rather than if the fruit was spread randomly without any coordination.

One thought on “Inspiration Jill Keller

  1. rmichals

    Planning and thinking about the color palette of to be used in a food photo is a key skill. Here the kiwi really stand out. This photo also uses a contrast of sizes and shapes to make it visually engaging.


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