Insperation #8 – Jill Keller



The photograph tells the story of someone’s hard work making different types of pasta that are ready to be cooked and served. In the photo you see black pasta, whole grain pasta, ravioli, farfalle, and more. While it is not technically cooked, it still looks appetizing because it simply looks freshly made. Like you want the person who’s making it to be done with it so you can eat some freshly made pasta. The props used are a molder and/or cutter, a paddle of sorts, flour and a rag. They contribute to the story because these would be items used to make and prepare the pasta. And to clean everything once the preparation is done. Similarly, the props in the photo make the pasta look like it was just finished and ready to be cooked, boiled or what ever. One thing that that the photographer added to make the photo a more of a success the lighter pasta pop out against the dark background. Even the black pasta stands out from the darker background because of the flour sprinkled on it. Also the top done view is a nice touch because you can everything laid out on the table. Additionally, this may be a bit of a stretch but it would appear that the photograph follows the rules of third, I say that because if you divide the photo the quadrant in the left side has the most thing going on, with the black pasta, whole grain pasta, the farfalle, the oval shaped pasta, and bits of flour are at. In most cases that is where the eye would go first.

One thought on “Insperation #8 – Jill Keller

  1. rmichals

    While we are looking straight down, the composition works because there is a feeling of gravity pulling things down from the top to the bottom.

    I don’t think the rule of thirds helps us describe this composition. There is however a sense of motion from top to bottom as the pasta shapes are placed between the two major props.


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