Marcel Christ

Wow! Marcel Christ has amazing pictures on liquid, it was hard for me to pick my favorite. In my opinion, I feel that liquid can be easy to look boring but Marcel Christ brings life out of liquid.

My favorite picture from Marcel Christ is this one, there are so many things working in this image.

The first thing that I noticed about the image is the vivid colors of the drink. I love how much the colors in the drink brings life to the photo. In the image, there are so many details showing from the tip of the glass. Something else that I love that he did with the photo is the image. This was the best angle to use because I feel that an overhead shoot wouldn’t have had the same results. this angle brings more height of the drink and is the true definition of a “Product as star” advertisement.


What I also like about the picture is the great number of details he brought out. If this was just a plain flat drink, the photo wouldnt be as appealing. The nice from being on top to being inside of the drink makes you want it even more, to the viewer the drink looks really refreshing. What makes this picture so perfect is how he was able to capture every little detail. I feel that it’s very important to get small details because drinks already have a small amount of depth to it.


One thought on “Marcel Christ

  1. rmichals

    I have trouble reading this particular photo. The glass is so clear.

    The challenge here isn’t so much to make liquid interesting as to make orange glop look appealing.


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