Marcel Christ

Looking through marcel Christ’s work. I am very impressed because he has some cool liquid pictures. As a photographer, I don’t like to take pictures of objects or liquid pictures because is not my thing, but Marcel just blew minds with his incredible work. All of his work is based on liquid and he made it so fun. For example, one that really caught my mind and got me thinking about the whole process was this one.

I wonder how he did it. How many tries he had to catch this action. What was his shutter speed?  I really like how it standing out with the black background. I think with a white background would be okay but with a black background it makes the tabasco bottle stand out with it red color. I also like how the lighting is hitting the side of the bottle. After all is a really good shot. That shutter speed must had been crazy and also the timing.

One thought on “Marcel Christ

  1. rmichals

    I agree that the black background was a great choice for this.

    As you state shutter speed captures motion. However in the studio most photographers would use strobe lights for a shot like this and it is the flash duration of the strobe light that freezes the action. The flash of light freezes the action.


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