Insperation #5 – Quentin Bacon



A lot of the backgrounds from Quentin Bacon give off the rustic and homestyle feel. For example a lot of the backgrounds are these aging table counters which gives that rustic look to the images. Other backgrounds give this vibe of it being made at home with the table cloths, plates and cooking accessories. And some background look like they were made in a restaurant or other setting like a bakery. The background in the image is a table with a white cloth. The props he uses in the image are a silver stand for the cupcakes and a jar containing maple syrup (or motor oil).  The angel of the view is like frontal eye level view of the pancakes but with a slight overhead view. A lot of his images contain depth of field, having a blurred background. It makes the main subject more noticeable. Another thing i notice in his images is that they are a mix of over head and three quarter view. Some of his images are also close up. The reason I chose this image is because it looks really appetizing. The pancakes stacked up nicely on each other (probably with cardboard), and each one is a golden-brown color. The blueberries also look plumped and juicy. Then the maple syrup runs down the pancakes like a water fall.

One thought on “Insperation #5 – Quentin Bacon

  1. rmichals

    The pour is a classic. The light from behind makes the syrup look so pretty.

    Notice that there is some kind of white bowl in the background really out of focus but just to give the background some interest without distracting from the main subject.


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