Andrew Scrivani

Andrew Scrivani, photographer, director and producer has several photographs that capture my attention. The one that stands out the most, amongst the rest is the image below, with the eggs, lentil salad and tomatoes. What I enjoy about the image is that it is places on the grid which makes it look like the rule of thirds was used. The food is placed on the further right, leaving a small space between the plate and the food. Even though the photographer cropped out a small piece of the plate, I think the image is complete, and nothing is missing from it. When it comes to contrast, the viewer can see the details of each and every example that was used in the red subject which is are the tomatoes. The lentils of this photograph are half focused and half out of focus. The reason is because the photographer decided to create a depth look within the image. He tried to capture the most important aspects of the setup which were the bigger elements such as the eggs and tomatoes. The scallion added to a more fun look because it is a yellow-greenish color, which isn’t seen anywhere else in the photograph. The view of this image is more of an overhead, but not to dramatic. It is definitely not eye level, but more like an in between eye level and overhead. This angle makes it have more of a realistic effect since the viewer can see the 3D aspect of it. The background was wisely chosen in my opinion because it is not too dark and not to subtle. It is a right color so that the main focus would be the plate on the food. However, the photographer did a good job using a wooden-like plate because it brings all the food together to form an interesting photograph.

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  1. rmichals

    An overhead view would be shot from directly overhead so that the camera looks straight down.

    This photograph was shot from what is commonly called a 3/4 view meaning that the camera is about 45 degrees right between eye level and an overhead view.


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