Andrew Scrivani

After last week class, I view food photography so much different now. Andrew Scrivani has great pictures. When I went on his website, his website looked very yummy. All of the food pictures were nicely lit and looked so colorful.

My favorite picture on his page was this picture. It reminded me of the pictures I took of the tomatoes in class. This is an example of taking pictures of a lot of the same thing.There’s several clams all over the picture. The clams are placed all over,¬† giving¬† the¬† image¬† great¬† proportion.¬† Most¬† food¬† photography¬† is¬† either¬† shot overhead¬† or¬† at¬† 45¬† degrees¬† to¬† the¬† food. Andrew¬† Scrivani shot it overhead,¬† and¬† it¬† works¬† perfectly¬† considering¬† it’s several¬† clams.¬† Another¬† thing¬† I love¬† it¬† how soft¬† the¬† lighting¬† is.¬† It¬† feels¬† never¬† natural¬† and¬† brings¬† out¬† the¬† details¬† in¬† the¬† shells.

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  1. rmichals

    Another thing that makes this work is the the clams are all warm mid-tones and the background has a bluish cast, making them stand out and also seem alive and fresh.


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