Today Monday October 18th the FAB5’s day began per usual at 9am. Isana gave us a heads up that one of us might need to work next Friday for finalizing. She also reminded us that no document gets overwritten. We should be downloading the original file and saving as a new one. 

During this zoom session our supervisor Isana reiterated what needed to be done for our first group project as the FAB5. We all would be working together on the Fact Sheet. Isana wanted us to take a look at the document and divide who would do what between the four of us. It took me about an hour and a half to think of potential ways to divide the task. What needed to be done was not an even number. I thought maybe each of us could take a page since there are four pages. BUT not all the work that needed to be done today was on all four of the pages, one of us would have no work. Our compromise was one person would update the text for the entire document and the other three  would create the charts and graphs needed. I ended up texting the newest intern asking her, her comfortability level. If she felt comfortable using illustrator to create charts/graphs or if she would rather update the body copy. 

We were provided with the same excel sheet.

Isana highlighted the current numbers and information we should update in green. I updated the Degrees and Certificates awarded in 2020-2021 and created four bar charts using illustrator. The four had the same information in different orientations. This way the newest intern who was updating the copy of the Fact Sheet would be able to decide which fit the space best. 

As the week progressed there were moments of being overwhelmed, in some of my other classes. Finish one assignment and start another. Similarly to the internship dynamic. In some ways because I am a senior I am prepared to keep pushing myself. On the other hand it’s hard to keep track of everything I need to do. Fortunately I started my semester organized and referring back to it has been helping me stay on track. 

Thursday the 21st of October my organization came in handy. We had not touched the Assess@CUNY flyer since our meeting with Dr. Sultana. Since then Isana selected two designs, mine and one of the OG interns. 

The changes needed for next week: 

  • Update the Finalized Name of the flyer to “The Assessment Review”
  • Change every “Pub Name” to “The Assessment Review”
  • Update small side bar – Benefits to CUNY 

In addition I had already packaged the Exit Survey Qualtrics and Banner but I had forgotten to package the Twitter and Facebook since they were originally not my task. However it was a 1, 2, 3 fix and I was able to get that done and out of the way before updating the former Assess@CUNY, former Pub Name flyer. Isana needed the packaged files before 11am when she had a meeting to show our progress.