Daniel Arsham is a multidisciplinary artist; working across disciplines of fine art, architecture, design, film, fashion and performance. I designed an exhibition that combined three of his collections, Pokémon, Objects for Living and Snarkitecture.

Through out all disciplines of his work Arsham plays with time and space. These three collections stand out to me. Snarkitecture’s founders Arsham and Alex Mustonen repurpose materials to make functional design. Obejcts for living started as a personal project for his own home but his intent was creating fossilized “future” relics. Pokémon is 90’s nostalgia and I have always been a fan! The way Arsham takes the old and makes it new will be translated through this exhibition.

The design I curated consists of branding guidelines for a gallery I created, ENIGMA OF TIME. The guidelines included logo, typography, color, floor plan, elevation, object label, panels and a reader rail.

(Click on the IMG to view at better quality)

SPRING 21 | COMD3601 – Designed using Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.