Over the weekend I worked on the final presentation for class. I can not believe this is the 2nd to last week of the semester! I am freaking the F out! I am in full finals mode. I have an abundance of work to do and I am honestly not sure how I will complete it all, but I am glad I started this past weekend on the presentation. 

Today is December 6th. I have two more days of internship after today, Thursday and next Monday is presentation day.

During the 9 am meeting Isana reminded us the Employment Report needed to be consistent in typeface, fonts, point size and color. I knew we were all using Comenia Sans but I had not checked in with the other interns on the font sizes. We planned to wrap up the skeleton of the document by Thursday so we could make final changes. If needed we would finalize on Monday before presentations. Isana ended by asking us to upload our parts of the Employment Report by EOD (end of the day) and mentioned we could send evaluations and timesheets on Monday after presenting. 

After the zoom I texted the group chat and asked the interns what everyone was using, circles or squares. We agreed on circles. However we did not upload packaged files at the time so we could not create the skeleton. I did however start the final template document by creating a 16 page booklet in indesign with my four pages already included. That way come Thursday I could drop in the other interns work. 

This Thursday the 9th we did not have our 9am Zoom. Instead it was moved to 10:25–10:43 am. Unfortunately one intern was missing. The meeting was to touch base on what Isana needed to wrap up the internship. She wanted: 

  • Package files for everything we worked this semester and upload to their correct folders 
  • All covers for the Employment Report put in the same folder
  • Create the Template Employment Report
  • Practice presenting and be sure our Zoom settings are correct – no issue screen sharing

Thursday was a bit hectic for me. I was trying to put the final Employment Report together so we did not have to work Monday morning and could just focus on presenting but one of the interns uploaded PNG’s of her work instead of the packaged files. I was unable to add her work into the template document but once I communicated with Isana and let her know that the intern was working and could not send the packaged files until later, Isana said not to worry and we could finish Monday. It’s been great having such a flexible supervisor. Even if I am nervous to update her, the responses over the semester have been genuinely positive.  

Lastly I am including how presentations went on Monday the 13th of December. 

At 10:58 I joined Zoom. I was let in at 11 am on the dot. Prior to entering the zoom I saw the invite had more than just our usual 5 names. I was correct to assume the other names would be in the Zoom because when I entered the room Isana, the three other interns, the Associate Provost and Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, the Assistant to the Associate Provost and Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and the Institutional Research and Data Analysis were also in attendance. Of course I knew of them based on the website and the Our Team page, but prior to the presentation we never met. 

Our Team link: https://www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/web/about/administration/provost/institutional-effectiveness/team.php 

I presented second. Once we finished presenting the Associate Provost and Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Tammie Cummings thanked us interns for helping over the semester and said she would be sure we got credit for each template we created for their department. 

To wrap up the semester I met with Isana for a one-to-one at 4pm. I was nervous but she basically went over her thoughts on my time helping Brooklyn College. I received positive feedback and left the zoom feeling confident that for my first internship I contributed to their department.