Monday there was no internship. It was Indigenous Peoples day also known as Columbus Day. Tuesday and Wednesday we had email instructions vs actually meeting on zoom. Tuesday’s email update mentioned checking the new specs document and making changes to the previous week’s Exit Survey Flyer. 

Wednesday we were provided an updated copy and instructed to create all deliverables in JPGs. Isana mentioned my additions to the original design tied it all together. She asked me to package my document and upload to google drive for everyone to adjust to their deliverable size and copy. There were three Instagram, one Twitter, one Facebook, a banner and Qualtrics deliverables needed. I was then tasked with creating the banner and Qualtrics ( Web based survey tool). 

  • Adding an explanation mark at the end of 2021 / Update to “Congratulations Class of 2021!” 
  • Banner layout 738×330 
  • Qualtrics 1024×512
  • Smaller font for “your feedback in very important to us” / Try  Bold
  • Update to “Congratulations Class of 2021!” 

When we all met for our usual zoom at 9 am on Thursday October 14th we were informed a new Intern would be joining us! The team of four upgraded to a team of five. (As previously mentioned in Entry1, Isana feels the best intern work comes from those who can piggyback off one another, as well as their program strives for student empowerment). We were now a team of five women! (aka Team Fab5)

Having the new intern meant I would not have to cover Wednesday mornings. I could return to my set schedule of Mondays and Thursdays and be on call the rest of the week besides Tuesday. 

As Thursday’s meeting progressed those of us previously working on the Exit Survey Flyer were given a new copy again (lol). If you have been following my entries you can see how practically each meeting we are given new copy updates. If we were in house the projects might get completed faster but I feel we have a good communication system. Face to face zoom at the start of each day and end with an email or text as a form of clocking out. 

  • All deliverables except Qualtrics include “Your feedback is important to us”. 
  • All deliverables except Qual include “Please check your email”
  • Qualtrics will include “Click the link in the email”
  • Be sure to use Brooklyn College colors + fonts
  • Upload packaged file by today at 4:00pm

Around 2:10pm, One of the OG interns and I got on a zoom call with Isana. The other OG intern had to go to work. Unfortunately both OG interns made a small mistake of exporting their deliverables as CMYK instead of RGB. This meant their colors were off when Isana tried to download their files. All of the deliverables would be viewed online which is why they needed to change to RGB. I was a bit surprised that when exporting their deliverables the programs did not automatically update to the proper color output.

After submitting at 4pm the interns and I working on the Exit Survey Flyer were asked to make our styles consistent. All text had to be left justified. We had almost the same copy but needed to have the same space between the header and copy for each deliverable. We also had to match punctuation and style, what needed to be bolded and italicized.

Because one of the OG interns was at work she was unable to make the changes. Thankfully she had packaged her files, although I ended up having to remake her deliverables since the color was off. I tried to replicate her vision in the correct colors. In total I completed 4 deliverables: Twitter, Facebook, Banner and Qualtrics.