For me the Fall semester goes WAY faster than the Spring. It is kinda weird to think I am about to be finished with college. I have begun reflecting on my experience here at City Tech and working for Brooklyn College. 

Today is November 29th. Our zoom was on time at 9am. One of the interns was absent, another is working on multiple projects to be sure she completes her hours. I can imagine that it is hard to get additional projects so close to the end of the semester because I am busy enough without extra work. 

Isana instructed us to work on the Employment Report. We were provided a reference report which actually was City Tech’s. Isana wanted us to:

  • Use Brooklyn College Colors 
  • Create a template – 16 pages
  • Use placeholder text for body copy 
  • Use found images as placeholders
  • The document to be divided among the 4 of us
  • Include the website Urls, BC number, email and address on the cover
Reference Example

The template should be mostly completed by next Monday. 

Before zoom finished Isana reminded us of our presentation for internship class. She wants us on the 13th of December to present to her the same project we are for class. This is both good and bad. I intend to be done with my senior project December 12th BUT I have to submit on the 13th. So the pressure is ON! 

Isana gave the impression she wants to know what we learned as well as our interpretation of the experience working underneath her. She did mention it would be additional practice for our class presentation. 

December Second! AHH! 

Monday I worked on the cover for the Brooklyn College Employment Report. Here is three designs I have come up with so far:

Today we did not have a zoom meeting. Isana was stuck in a meeting before we had ours scheduled and had multiple lined up for the rest of the day. She sent us a group text reminding us to work on our presentation and mentioning we would receive a google invite for the 13th to confirm our scheduled presentations. The difference between class and internship presentation is Isana only expects a 5–7 minute where class would like a 10 minute presentation.  I am going to have to find a balance between them or make two different. 

Although we had no meeting I communicated with the other three interns. We discussed our progress on the Employment Report. Each of us should have at least one cover, front and back design of the report for Monday. 

I am not the type to have favorites but I greatly appreciate the intern that joined the internship after me. She is more verbal and willing to communicate than the other two interns. In this short amount of time I  have watched her confidence grow from when she first started. Don’t get me wrong I purposely wanted to try and help because when I joined the first two interns unfortunately I experienced minimal communication and I did not want her to feel the same way. 

I am mentioning this because she confidently let the group chat know what pages of the Employment report she wanted to design. From there I selected my pages followed by one other intern. I then reviewed our pages and it turns out we did not divide it evenly. We needed to split sixteen pages, the cover front and back we all are designing, which left 14 pages between the 4 of us. We decided two of us would be designing 3 pages and two would be designing 4. Not including cover, front and back.