Rhetorical Situation for Personal Narrative essay

Ali Ahmed


ENG 1121 – D465

Partner’s 5 parts of Rhetorical Situation and stance


  • What is a stance he could use that is different than what he had in his thesis?

In his thesis he could use stance as how he overcame with getting ready for college and classes.


  • Purpose: His purpose of writing this essay because of difficulties. He had difficult time to succeed with it. For example, taking classes and also balancing work schedule in same time which is really hard.


    1. Audience: Audience’s are teacher and peers whoever going read his essay.


  • Genre: Genre for his essay would be non friction and the way of he used his time to succeed with it.
  • Stance: How he succeed from his difficult time. He almost giving up his study but now he’s in college and succeed with it.


  1. Media/Design: The media in his essays are pencil, notebook and computers.