10 points of Debate

Ali Ahmed


ENG 1121 – D465

Debate 10 Points

  1. What do think of  when you think of meat? A delicious smelling roast chicken in the plate with juice lying between the meat or a line of dead chickens waiting to be broken apart?
  2. McDonald, KFC and Burger King all use these meatpacking companies. But do you know those meatpacking companies are guilty, those companies have given drugs to those animal and so to us making our body function badly.
  3. Because companies are feed animal in a wrong way,  accord an interview of a slaughter worker she said after many year of their chicken she is allergic to any anti-bic pell.
  4. Think about this way at least 84% of chicken you are eat everyday are mostly given durg.
  5. At less from fast food restaurant because those meat they use are directly from factory farming. And any of the cheap chicken you buy from market, they are those durg to make you and your family sick.
  6. Factory farming  give our more cheaper resource for poor people it help people to get enough energy. According to In Salt they state  “While most Americans could forgo a third serving of bacon for the week, mothers in Cambodia may very well need to seek out more milk and chicken for their children.”
  7. In Factory farm pro and con said, “ 24.6 lb of antibiotic been use per year, per year!
  8. How heavy is a bottle that has amount 60 antibiotic inside is not even 1 lb. And this may only use in 1 factory you don’t know how much of antibiotic you child eat, but one thing I know is their is 80% of milk within antibiotics in America.
  9. Will you knock a animal on the floor, even though the will die and we will eat them but should you do that.
  10. Do you want to live in an environment “Resident Evil“ a place that is duty, disease is everywhere? Do you want to eat a baby only live 7 month ,have live surround poop have been tortured? I will not.