Since this semester conducted remote learning, I’ve experienced both hardships and ease with this course. One difficulty I had with this course being online is staying motivated. Since we’re not in a physical classroom where there is a fixed time for when the class starts and ends, I found it hard to get started on my assignments and finish them quicker. A solution I found to this issue is finding a productive workspace that caused me to center around what I need to begin and complete. Another difficult situation I had was with the lack of communication. Since I’m bad at communicating through the web I haven’t interacted with my other classmates which is very unfortunate. Like I stated in my analysis of “In defense of the classroom”, “To build a community as an online class, constant communication is very crucial. Without communication, it will be hard to understand the subject.” Although this online class was heavy for me, I likewise discovered enjoyable perspectives about it, for example, having an adaptable measure of time to compose a task. I’ve generally battled with writing in a restricted amount of time and favor the opportunity of gradually thinking and drafting.

My early assumption about me and my writing was always negative. I’ve had consistently regarded my style of composing to be dull and unclear but the feedback I received from Professor Edelson on my assignments had changed that opinion. The positive input I would receive had made me more confident in what I wrote. It had stopped me from coming up with ways to put my self down but rather appreciate how I wrote this task. When comparing my work in the early semester to the end, I had wished to put more details in my projects, such as unit 1. In my unit 1 project, I talked about my experience with education and didn’t feel like I did a good job of presenting my thoughts and personal situations. A way I could’ve done better is explaining in detail the sentiments I felt. When looking at my work toward the end semester to the mid one, I’m pleased with how in-depth I went in providing information for the topic I researched.

This term has taught me many things about being a reader and a writer. I’ve learned techniques on how to read like a writer and how to write in a reasonably effective manner which had improved the way I read and write pieces. In Mike Bunn, “How to Read Like a Writer”, I stated “reading like the writer may help us get a better understanding of the author’s decisions and as well good to remember when having difficulties understanding a text.” This statement had helped my skills and changed them for the better. I will be able to transfer this knowledge to my next English course to assist me when I have a problem with understanding my text or writing them.