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Final Reflection

Since this semester conducted remote learning, I’ve experienced both hardships and ease with this course. One difficulty I had with this course being online is staying motivated. Since we’re not in a physical classroom where there is a fixed time for when the class starts and ends, I found it hard to get started on my assignments and finish them quicker. A solution I found to this issue is finding a productive workspace that caused me to center around what I need to begin and complete. Another difficult situation I had was with the lack of communication. Since I’m bad at communicating through the web I haven’t interacted with my other classmates which is very unfortunate. Like I stated in my analysis of “In defense of the classroom”, “To build a community as an online class, constant communication is very crucial. Without communication, it will be hard to understand the subject.” Although this online class was heavy for me, I likewise discovered enjoyable perspectives about it, for example, having an adaptable measure of time to compose a task. I’ve generally battled with writing in a restricted amount of time and favor the opportunity of gradually thinking and drafting.

My early assumption about me and my writing was always negative. I’ve had consistently regarded my style of composing to be dull and unclear but the feedback I received from Professor Edelson on my assignments had changed that opinion. The positive input I would receive had made me more confident in what I wrote. It had stopped me from coming up with ways to put my self down but rather appreciate how I wrote this task. When comparing my work in the early semester to the end, I had wished to put more details in my projects, such as unit 1. In my unit 1 project, I talked about my experience with education and didn’t feel like I did a good job of presenting my thoughts and personal situations. A way I could’ve done better is explaining in detail the sentiments I felt. When looking at my work toward the end semester to the mid one, I’m pleased with how in-depth I went in providing information for the topic I researched.

This term has taught me many things about being a reader and a writer. I’ve learned techniques on how to read like a writer and how to write in a reasonably effective manner which had improved the way I read and write pieces. In Mike Bunn, “How to Read Like a Writer”, I stated “reading like the writer may help us get a better understanding of the author’s decisions and as well good to remember when having difficulties understanding a text.” This statement had helped my skills and changed them for the better. I will be able to transfer this knowledge to my next English course to assist me when I have a problem with understanding my text or writing them.

Unit 3: Genre Determination

In unit 2’s project of “Reflective Annotated Bibliography”, I researched the 2020 presidential election and provided facts plus details on the whole event. In my research, I discussed the methods of how votes were taken, which was by mail. Since the Covid pandemic happened, numerous people chose to project their voting forms through the mail so they could maintain a distance from long queues of people gathering to avoid the spread of covid. Since this method is new for some, there were many issues regarding how the votes were submitted. President Trump and his campaign planned on suing Michigan Secretary of State for counting votes of people who had passed away before the election. This accused fraud ended up being a human error since the death certificates for those voters were sent three days after the election. Since most of the ballots were sent through by mail, tallying the votes had taken a long time which, brought a delay to recognize who might be our next president. In my research, I had also discussed the problems faced in our country, such as the pandemic, economic slump, and racial injustice. I provided information as to how these issues made this 2020 election the most important. 

 Artist Statement

There were countless reasons why I was interested in the 2020 presidential election, one being how this specific one would change our lives forever. I became engaged in learning how major problems in our country like racial injustice, covid pandemic, and economic fall will get treated once Trump gets re-elected. I was additionally interested in how this political race had occurred with the mail-in ballots and its results.

I chose an audience of individuals who are not well educated on this presidential race and are willing to learn to help with next year’s election. These groups of people should hear about this topic because being educated about who will shape our country to improve conditions and how they plan on doing it is essential to know. Likewise, knowing all the missteps that were made in the current year’s race will help them sort out techniques to make the following one simpler. 

To present my topic, I used a format such as magazine articles. I choose this form because it presented my information in a proper way where others could understand it. This was the best way to communicate my ideas since it allowed me to speak in parts of many issues I wanted to explain. This format also provided a way to include various details into my topic so my viewers could get the most out of my work. 

This presentation showed others in a clear way what had happened on election day and what would happen in the following time. To make my presentation better, I should have communicated a greater amount of my thoughts so others could get a better understanding of what I’m educating about. This might have assisted people with framing their ideas also.

Unit 2: Reflective Annotated Bibliography

Sumiya Chowdhury

ENG 1101

Unit 2 Project

Reflective Annotated Bibliography  

A presidential election happens every four years in which citizens elect a candidate based on their propositions. It is viewed as a significant responsibility since it operates who might lead our nation and how they plan on improving it. Although every election gets a build-up, the 2020 presidential primaries had the most prominent one. Many, such as I can say that the election, held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, was the most distressing day as Americans patiently waited to see who would get elected as our next president. This year’s political decision was viewed as highly notable since it used an alternate method for taking in votes. Naturally with the new arrangement of casting a ballot came numerous issues. One of the reasons this may be the most important election ever is because of how it will shape America for either the best or worst

Freking, K. (2020, November 07). Explainer: Why is the US election count taking so long? Retrieved December 16, 2020, from https://www.irishexaminer.com/opinion/commentanalysis/arid-40077623.html

Voting electronically is a common way most Americans cast their ballots, but since the pandemic occurred, many have chosen another method such as mail. Multiple American states had made it simpler for people to cast a ballot through mail to forestall long lines of people gathering during the Covid pandemic. Individuals such as trump believe that this system may not be too convenient and is a “whole big scam.” Of course, with many people following this new form of voting comes added issues. For instance, one of the serious issues confronted was the waiting length for the outcomes. Most presidential election results come out within the same day except for this year, which took a total of 5 days. A cause for this dilemma would be the increasing amount of mail ballots submitted and since votes received by mail often take longer to process, it struck a delay upon receiving results. The document “Explainer: Why is the US election count taking so long?”, written by Kevin Freking, explains the mistakes made by some states. It states “However, other states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – all with Republican-led legislatures and all of them swing states – made a conscious decision to wait so there would be no counting of postal ballots prior to polling day.” “Michigan did eventually allow election officials to process some ballots one day earlier, but the counting of the ballots still had to wait until November 3.” This illustrates how the waited results were pushed back further into a delay due to un-planned timing. One way we can benefit from this mistake for next year’s polls is by setting a proper deadline for receiving ballots and counting them as well. States such as Florida and North Carolina permitted political race authorities to handle mail-in voting forms within the weeks leading up to election day. “In Florida, clerks can start counting ballots 22 days before an election. In North Carolina, beginning five weeks before the election, county boards insert approved ballots into a voting machine, allowing for a prompt tabulation on election day.” We can apply this process in upcoming ballots to avoid delays.

Hermes, Grant, and Dane Kelly. “Clinton Township Voting Error Caused by Macomb County Clerk, City Clerk Says.” WDIV, WDIV ClickOnDetroit, 12 Nov. 2020, www.clickondetroit.com/decision-2020/2020/11/12/clinton-township-voting-error-caused-by-macomb-county-clerk-city-clerk-says/.

One of the biggest dispute of the 2020 presidential election would be how the Trump campaign planned on suing Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson for permitting idle polling firms to be registered without groups of bipartisan spectators. This occurred due to 10 voters who cast ballots this year but died before the election, and in Michigan state law it conveys “If someone dies before 8 p.m. on Election Day, their vote does not count.” City Clerk Kim Meltzer was sent death certificates for those voters three days after the election and accuses the Macomb County clerk’s office, of not using email to notify and instead chosen postal service. Detroit had the slowest mail delivery in the country at the time that death occurred. According to the news “Clinton Township voting error”, it says, “What this is again is human error,” Benson said.” “Our clerks are human. They are well intended, highly ethical, committed to democracy leaders but also mistakes occur.” This reveals how accidental errors can happen along the way and should not be accused wrongly until told the full story.

Chadwick, L. (2020, November 03). US election: What are five big issues that Americans care about?Retrieved December 16, 2020, from https://www.euronews.com/2020/11/03/us-election-what-are-five-big-issues-that-americans-care-about

This year’s official political race is viewed as striking because of the huge issues it can impact. Crucial problems such as the coronavirus pandemic, economic slump, and racial injustice are some of the reasons why many individuals became passionate about voicing their opinions on whom to decide in favor of. Since the United States struggled with the COVID-19 pandemic, about 82% think the pandemic is a main issue comapred with 24% of Trump voters. As said in the article “What are five big issues that Americans care about?”, it says “Democratic candidate Joe Biden has made Trump’s handling of the pandemic the central tenet of his campaign argument, criticizing the president for hosting large rallies without people wearing masks and for downplaying the seriousness of the virus.” This displays how the actions that were taken regarding this pandemic can be included in a finalized vote. Because of the pandemic, unemployment increased, therefore making the economy another issue for American voters. According to the article, in August, it was found that the economy was a top issue for 76% of individuals. It was found more important to Republican voters than Democratic ones. Another concern that voters found was the racial injustice protests. Thousands of protestors went to go protest after the death of a black American, Geroge Floyd, at the hands of police which sparked a conversation about police brutality and racism in America. President Trump’s reactions to the protests were criticized by many, as he called the protestors “looters” and had failed to denounce white supremacy groups. It states in the article that “Trump not only has an inability to heal a country reeling from racial unrest, he has been an antagonist. This was illustrated by his response to the protests after Geroge Floyd’s killing, using the military inappropriately, stoking police violence, and downplaying the rise of white nationalism in the country.” This suggests that voters will be making a decision on someone who will condemn racial injustice and racism.

Hirsh, Michael. “The Most Important Election. Ever.”Foreign Policy, 25 Sept. 2020, foreignpolicy.com/2020/09/25/2020-election-donald-trump-joe-biden/.

This presidential election is considered important because many people want a better leader to provide more beneficial conditions. Some propose that Trump and the malign powers he has gathered up  have done so much damage to the institutions of U.S. democracy and that his reelection in November could damage federal laws. The article”ELECTION 2020: The Most Important Election Ever” states, “Reelection would vindicate his view that as president he can, as Trump said, “do whatever I want.” It would all but destroy, in other words, the American conceit that the United States is a different kind of democracy than has existed in the past.” This means if trump gets reelected, norms and limitations of American democracy will vanish completely. Although Trump’s reelection seems terrifying, Biden promises less anger, more hope, and light to the future of America. It states in the article that ” a newly inaugurated President Biden, who is a deeply experienced internationalist committed to U.S. alliances, and his multicultural vice president, Kamala Harris, act swiftly to restore U.S. prestige by reversing Trump’s worst failures on COVID-19, political polarization, the economy, global stability, and climate change, as Biden has promised to do.” This provides hope for Americans that with Joe Bidden elected, the future of America can be better.


The 2020 presidential elections defiantly were one of the scariest moments Americans such as I had witnessed. Problems such as the long wait for results on who would win made us all very anxious. Problems like voting fraud were also worrisome since many people were panicked about their votes not counting. Issues such as the coronavirus pandemic, economic slump, and racial injustice show us why this election is so important. Researching this topic had expanded my thinking on all the factors it takes to vote for a new leader. Knowing the knowledge behind this subject is important since it relies on our future and ourselves. Having a leader who’s policies are not the brightest can damage our lives and others. This gives a reason why people, not only in politics, but everyone should be involved with researching about elections so we can better them in the future.


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